Guest lectures

The interface between academia and industry is an important link in understanding the future needs and skill development. Alumnus as well as corporates are invited to address our students and share their experiences.

14.09.2017"Train your Brain"Mr Rama Chandran,General manager ITI, BangaloreMBA
06.10.2017“Change in Economic Scenerio of our country”Mr.Gaurav Singh , Regional manager, Wadhwani Foundation,MBA
16.10.2017“Best Practices for setting up incubation center in B school”Mr.Guhesh Ramanathan, onMBA
17.10.2017and the Triple Helix model –I MBA C& D SectionMr. Sourab Gargav, JNCASR Tech BusinessMBA
23.10.2017“Managerial Skills – Event management”Mr. Suchindra Ragunath, Head –South India Marketing, ANAROCKMBA
29.11.2017"Banking-Future Prospects"Mr. Jayesha, Former GM, State Bank of MysoreMBA
24.10.2017" Corporate Film Making"Mr. Raghu, Short-Film Maker & Podcast HostMBA
04.11.2017"Lean Six Sigma in Project Management"Mr. Manikandan,SQM, Rolls RoyceMBA
19.12.2017"Relevance of Trade Union & Its Furture Trends'Vijaya Bhaskar, General Secretary, AITUC Karnataka Sate Commission
30.12.2017"Digital Marketing: Trend and Future'Mr. Anshuman Dutta, Senior Manager
30.12.2017"How to work effectively with different Resource"Anoop Tandon, Promoter-Director, Tattva Hical & Compounds Pvt LtdMBA
30.12.2017"Six Thinking Hats"Felton Lean, Head -Training & Development, Microsoft, GurgaoMBA
03.01.2017"Qualitative Research Methods for MBA."Ms. Nirupama Kaushik , MBA,(IIMB), Consultant
02.03.2018Video Conferencing Lecturer on Entrepreneurship.Dr. Benjamin WilliamsMBA
08.03.2018"Guest Lecturer on NABARD"Mr. Nalini K RoyMBA
09.03.2018Guest Lecturer on Lean Six SigmaMr. Supraja NatarajanMBA
14.03.2018Guest Lecturer on NGO Management.Dr. Manasa Nagabushan, Director CESSMBA
28.03.2018Entrepreneurship in the 21st CenturyMr. V. LokeshMBA
28.03.2018Consultant-Idea Labs, Innomantra Consulting Pvt Ltd.Mr. DPK Muthukumara SwamyMBA
13.04.2018Financial Technology-Transformation & DiscriptionMr. Senthil NathanMBA
30.04.2018Enterpreneurship in IT DeptMr. Uday PrakashMBA
09.05.2018Entrepreneurship in the present contextMr. Yashwi Nag, Project Officer, EDIIMBA
09.05.2018Concepts of Intrapreneurship and Corporate EntrepreneurshipMr. Ebhanzer James, Project Officer, EDIIMBA
09.05.2018Job Search Behaviour based on NLPS.Prasad Rao, Project Officer, EDIIMBA
10.05.2018Communication skills and negating Public speaking fearMs. Anany Patak De and ShreyasMBA
23.05.2018Challenges and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in the IT IndustryMr. Kamlesh Kallur, Co-Founder & MD, TrempplinMBA
16.05.2018Owner Chocology story as an EntrepreneurMs. NirananjanaMBA
16.05.2018Partner Menthis, Bangalore' Funding on Indian Start ups.Mr. Kirraon Bindu, GROUPE ESC, Pau School of Business FranceMBA
21.05.2018Entrepreneurship opportunities in Gaming Industry.Mr. Surjyabrat Burgohain, CEO, SPITHAMBA
22.05.2018Inner game of Selling & MarketingDr.Felton Lean, Head, T & D, Micro Soft.MBA
30.05.2018Challenges and Opportunities for EntrepreneursMr. Gopi Krishna V, Founder, Director iCHHA & Founder of SKY LONG ADVENTURESMBA
30.05.2018Why do we fail in EntrepreneurshipMr. Prasoon SanwalMBA