Best Practices at ABBS

Knowledge Exchange Series:  

Every week faculty members present their research outputs to other colleagues.

Social Responsibility Projects:  

Students undertake 60 days of a part-time collaborative study with a registered NGO and submit the field report.


More than 80% of students clear at least one MOOC in a semester based on their interest area.

Alumni Mentoring:  

Alumni are encouraged to mentor the allotted current batch students. They counsel and guide the students in internships, placements etc.

Book Review:  

Students review general management books during these sessions.


The entrepreneurship cell closely works with NEN, Enactus, and TiE. 

Video Conferencing:  

Experts from the industry and academia interact with students through video conferencing through a life-size set-up.

ABBS Academic Channel:  

A Youtube channel is set up where lectures on various MBA topics by internal faculty are uploaded.


ABBS hosts TEDx 

My MBA Project:  

To encourage students to make quality projects and participate in the inter-institute project competition.