History & Overview

Acharya  Bangalore Business School (ABBS) was founded in 2008 as a sterling management institute under the umbrella of Samagra Sikshana Samithi Trust. Since then, it has become a coveted business school in South India, drawing a considerable number of applications from across the world each year.

At ABBS, we pride ourselves on our unique quiver of avant-garde learning tools, setting us apart as one of India’s most future-fit business schools. Our differential learning programmes have been crafted by seasoned industry leaders and feature an array of elements including industry interfacing, entrepreneurship development, live workshops, Management Development Programmes and publication development.

ABBS offers a bouquet of courses across management, commerce, life sciences, media and communication, each a careful blend of classroom learning and practical experience. The success of our programmes is mirrored in the variety of collaborations we have established with corporate houses in the past few years. We draw valuable insights from industry liaisons, and our alliances are geared towards student enhancement, enrichment and recruitment.

Located in India’s Garden City, ABBS is surrounded by five sprawling acres of greenery and sunshine. With aesthetically designed classrooms, well-equipped hostels and state-of- the-art sports facilities, discover an ecosystem that is tailored to your needs.

SSS Trust


The Beginnings

The Samagra Sikshana Samithi Trust (SSST) was founded way back in 1996 when India was in the threshold of globalization by a group of educationalists and visionaries.  Led by the commitment of the Trustees, SSST has accomplished appreciable growth in more  than  one decade that it has just completed by setting role-model institutions for training the youth in Health Sciences, Basic Sciences,  Management and  Para Medical streams.

Academic programs such as Management, Health Sciences, Life sciences, Law, Commerce, Humanities, Information Technology, Executive education are being taught in the educational institutions of SSS Trust, a learning environment that befits the best anywhere in the world.

Governed by the scientific and academic eminence, the Board of the SSST institutions are led by Dr. B. Vijaypal Reddy, an accomplished medical professional.

The institutes which comprise SSS Trust are:

  • Acharya Bangalore B-School
  • ABBS School of Management
  • Acharya Institute of Health Sciences
  • Acharya College of Nursing
  • Acharya Leadership & Research Institute
  • ABBS Pre-University College


Chairperson:Smt. D Dhanalakshmi
Secretary:Dr. B. Vijaypal Reddy
Treasurer:Smt. B. Poornima Reddy
Trustees:Dr. B. S. Basavaraj
Sri. M Subba Reddy

SSS Trust’s   educational   institutions   have been the most sought after   among the discerning   students from both Bangalore and outside.   This has been made   possible by   a careful building of   a congenial atmosphere of learning and living.  This includes friendly staff and management, student and responsive atmosphere and infrastructure design and décor.

Taking India Forward

At a time when India is getting into the mainstream globalization, what is keeping the pace accelerated is India’s ‘knowledge domain’.

The predictions that India will emerge to lead the world economy, depends solely on its ‘intellectual capabilities’.  Business education and Life sciences are the two-main science and technology fields which require tremendous intellectual inputs and the infrastructure for development of these are currently on the rise in India.

Governmental initiatives apart, one sees a strong commitment in the private sector to build the proper base for this intellectual growth through establishment of centers of excellence in advanced education.

Samagra Sikshana Samithi Trust is one such example.