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The academic environment at ABBS is inspired by a distinguished panel of faculty with global experience. Our faculty is carefully hand-picked based on intellectual acumen and research quality. At ABBS, we look to equalise in-house excellence with industry prowess. In line with this thought, we welcome distinguished visiting faculty from across the globe, who bring diverse perspectives to course delivery. Many members of our faculty are part of ongoing research projects, and a sizeable number have earned international awards and felicitations for their exemplary contributions in the realm of research.


Faculty Directory

01Dr. D.M.MahishiDEANPOST DOC,Ph.D, M.Sc1810
02Dr.Vijaya Bhaskar KPRINCIPALPh.D, M.Com, MBA, M.Phil1317
03Dr.H.R VenkateshaDirectorPh.D, M.Com, MBA36-
04Dr. Shilpashree H PAssistant ProfessorPh.D, M.Sc22
05Mr. Pradeep KaushikAssistant ProfessorM.Sc, SLET15-
06Ms. Madhukala K LAssistant ProfessorM.Sc, M.Phil15-
07Dr. Ankita ChatterjeeAssistant ProfessorPh.D , M.Sc3.5-
08Mr. Keshavamurthy MAssistant Professor M.Sc, NET, KSET3-
09Ms. K V SriLakshmi MadhuriLecturerM.Sc2-
10Mr.Praveen Kumar VAssistant ProfessorMCA14-
11Mr.KrishnaAssistant ProfessorM.Sc12-
12Dr. Jayadurga RAssistant ProfessorPh.D, MCA13-
13Ms. Arpana G KAssistant ProfessorM.Tech3-
14Ms. Kavitha SAssistant ProfessorM.Com, MBA, NET, M.Phil20-
15Mr.Raghavendra KAssistant ProfessorM.Com, MBA9-
16Mr.Joswa Stalin SAssistant ProfessorMBA7-
17Mr. Lakshmi Narayana MaroliAssistant ProfessorM.Com, MBE, M.Phil178
18Mr. C.B.GopinathAssistant ProfessorMBA, M.Com, NET, KSET , M.Phil22-
19Mr. Gopinath B SAssistant ProfessorM.Com, MBA, M.Phil11-
20Mrs.Rashmi RAssistant ProfessorMBA101
21Ms.Niveditha P DevadigaAssistant ProfessorM.Com7-
22Mr. Ashoka GAssistant ProfessorM.Com8-
23Ms. Geethashree KAssistant ProfessorM.Com7-
24Mrs. Janaki Bai SAssistant ProfessorMBA5-
25Ms. DivyashreeAssistant ProfessorMBA36
26Mr. VinaykumarAssistant ProfessorMA Economincs, NET3-
27Ms. Madhumati P KadkolAssistant ProfessorM.Com7-
28Dr. Sheela AnthonyAssistant ProfessorPh.D, MA, MBA15-
29Mr. Arjun Sheka KAssistant ProfessorMBA, B.Tech4-
30Mr. Peddi Swetha Vardhana RaoAssistant ProfessorMBA, BE5-
31Ms. Deepa RAssistant ProfessorM.Sc32
32Ms. Sushama S KattimaniAssistant ProfessorM.A, MBA, M.Phil51
33Mr. AnjanappaAssistant ProfessorM.A Kannada3-
34Ms. Kowsalya RanganAssistant ProfessorM.A Kannada6-
35Ms. Shamily GLecturerM.A Hindi1-
36Ms. Anisha KoshyAssistant ProfessorM.A English, NET1-
37Mr. Somnath SenapatiAssistant Professor
(Adjunct Faculty)
M.A Sanskrit3-
38Mr. Santosh. SAssistant Professor
(Adjunct Faculty)
M.A History1-
39Ms. K. SuneethaAssistant Professor
(Adjunct Faculty)
M.Sc Tourism95
40Mr. Babu R PhaydeLibrarianMLibSc11-
41Mr. Shashidhar Y BhandiwadLibrary AssistantMLibSc1.5-
42Mr. Ranganatha H KPhysical Education DirectorM.P.Ed9-
43Dr.R.JayanthiProfessorPh.D, MBA, M.Phil25-
44Dr.V S ChauhanProfessorPh.D, MBA, M.Phil2321
45Dr. Dhanalakshmi AProfessorPh.D, M.Com, MBA, M.Phil24-
46Dr.Sengottuvelu CProfessorPh.D, MBA, ME, SLET825
47Dr.Rajesh CAssoicate ProfessorPh.D, MBA, NET58
48Mr.Ravi AdityaAssoicate ProfessorPh.D, MBA, M.Phil10-
49Dr.GeevarathnaAssoicate ProfessorPh.D, MBA, M.Phil155
50Dr.V P SriramAssoicate ProfessorPh.D, MBA94
51Dr. Syed KazimAssoicate ProfessorPh.D, MBA, M.Phil11-
52Dr. Shalini HSAssoicate ProfessorPh.D, MBA, NET, K-SET9-
53Dr. R K Prema RanjanAssoicate ProfessorPh.D, MBA, NET101
54Mr.Girish R Assistant ProfessorMBA81
55Mr. Peram Dattareya ReddyAssistant ProfessorMBA10-
56Dr. Naveen PolAssistant ProfessorPh.D, MBA, M.Com, KSET46
57Dr. Arul SenthilAssistant ProfessorPh.D, MBA, M.Phil2-
58Mr.Krishna Reddy TAssistant ProfessorMCA, PGDM74
59Ms. Afsana Arif HashimAssistant ProfessorMBA35
60Ms. Shwetha Acharya TAssistant ProfessorMBA6-
61Mr. Thirupathi MAssistant ProfessorM.Com, M.Phil, K-SET5-
62Mr. ViswanathanProfessor
(Adjunct Faculty)
MBA, M.Phil33-
63Dr. Muralidhar L BAssistant Professor
(Adjunct Faculty)
64Dr. Bharathraj ShettyAssociate Professor
(Adjunct Faculty)
Ph.D, MBA1318
65Mr. Arun B NAssistant Professor
(Adjunct Faculty)
66Mr. Ravi BasavaprabhuLibrarianMLibSc15-

Faculty Directory

Department Designation


Department Designation

Mr. Dattareya Ready

Designation: Assistant Professor
Date Of Joining: 2019
Nature Of Association: Regular
Mr.Dattatreya Reddy Peram has 9 years of teaching experience and pursuing Ph.D in the area of Human resources with Lovely Professional Umiversity. Attended and published papers in both national and international conferences & journals. Iam passionate teaching marketing and HR subjects.

Mr. Bharath Raj

Qualification: MBA & Ph.D
Designation: Associate Professor
Date Of Joining: 29/08/2016
Nature Of Association: Adjunct Faculty
With teaching expertise of over 11 years and has 18 years of Corporate Experience. Dr. Bharathraj Shetty holds an MBA and an MSW, amongst other educational qualifications. Conducted research in the areas of HR, Job Satisfaction & Motivation. Also undertakes Consultancy assignments.

Mr. Arun B.N

Qualification: M.Com
Designation: Assistant Professor
Date Of Joining: 29/08/2016
Nature Of Association: Adjunct Faculty
With over 15 years of academic experience and 30 years of corporate experience, Professor Arun B. N. conducts modules spanning a range of subjects in the area of Management at ABBS and is currently pursuing a PhD.

Dr. Arul Senthil

Designation: Assistant Professor
Date Of Joining: 2019
Nature Of Association: Regular
B. Arul Senthil is working as an Assistant Professor in MBA Department. Prior to Joining ABBS, he worked as a faculty member at SRM IST Chennai. He was a full-time research scholar at BIM Trichy. He is handing papers related to HR & Marketing at ABBS. His research interest is Emotional Intelligence at workplace. He has gone through various self-development programs like Group Relations Conference (GRC), Basic and Advance Laboratory on Human Process (BLHP & ALHP).