Libraries & Labs

ABBS Resource Centre has a built-up area of 12916 Sq. ft. Aesthetically designed and well maintained, it has a comprehensive collection of books related to Management Sciences, Pure Sciences and other allied subjects to meet the present and future needs of its students and faculty. The library’s mission is to provide comprehensive resources and services in support of the teaching, learning and the research needs of the college community. It has a total collection of 14054 documents (Books, Journals, Projects and Back Volumes of Journals etc.), 110 print journals, 12 newspapers, 1020 e-books and access to more than 12000 e-journals through online databases etc. The library has been equipped to inspire the students and the staff towards pursuit of knowledge.  

Library Working Hours

9.00 AM to 7.00 PM on all working days and library extends its working hours during exams.  

Digital Library

Digital Library has been created using “Dspace” (Digital Library Software) to collect, preserve and distribute the digital resources amongst the students and staff. This is an important tool to facilitate scholarly communication and preserve the institutions’ knowledge. The Digital Library contains:

  • ABBS Newsletter
  • AMBER e-Journal
  • Faculty publications
  • Theses and Dissertations
  • E-books
  • E-journals
  • Projects
  • Question papers
  • Syllabus
  • Free e-journal packages etc. with respect to scholarly communication.The following link shows the ABBS Digital Library present on campus :


Some of the major services rendered by the library are:

  • Circulation Service
  • OPAC – Online Public Access Catalogue
  • Reference Service
  • Photocopy Service
  • Inter Library Loan Service
  • CAS (Current Awareness Service)
  • SDI (Selective Dissemination Information) Service
  • SC/ST Book Bank facility
  • Digital Library
  • Online Database search facility
  • Audio Visual Room facility
  • Wi-Fi Facility in the Library


Library Resources

Books1467 CD/DVD's650
Project reports1550e-journals15000+
Back Volumes428AV Resources120



Online Database & Online Journals

PROQUEST : J-GATE PLUS : DOAJ : IAS (Indian Academy of Science) : NISCAIR JOURNALS : NPTEL Lecture Notes/Videos :

Management Labs:

Investment Lab


Financial Software like financial analysts modelling financial analysis to understand the movement of stock faculty creates a platform with each student. This platform will make students understand the complete investment process, understanding of financial statements through software. It is a platform, which mirrors live markets feeds. Platform is similar to the award winning ICICI platform and has almost live market trades. Top 100 stocks on NSE and BSE available for trading and investing
Creating portfolio and tracking through regular report generation Research project are done by each students on price movement analysis, EMH, CAPM, etc. by taking the real stock in consideration with help of Lead faculty of college.
Cash, Margin and F&O (Nifty Futures and Nifty Options) functionalities possible
Logic of buying/selling is captured and option of Feedback by Faculty on trades

Computer Lab

Equipped with more than 100 desktops with Core i3 processors, the entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled with LAN/WAN. The 100 Mbps leased line provides instant Internet access.

Language Lab

A Language lab is set up to train and groom students for the corporate world. Our trainers fine-tune the speaking skills required for students to face interviews. Different levels of mock interviews are part of the training process as well. The language lab also gives special assistance to international students with vocational training. Talking in English is the status quo before entering the work field, so effective speaking and writing starts here.

Science Labs

Department Of Genetics                                            Gregor Mendel’s lab

Department of Biotechnology                                    Watson & Crick lab

Department of Chemistry                                          Marie-Curie lab

Department of Bio-Chemistry                                   Hargobind Khorana lab

Department of Microbiology                                      Louis Pasteur lab