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ABBS Centre for Research


Research is an indicator of any educational institute’s collective knowledge and intellectual worth. It is necessary to have continuous and sustained focus on research activities by promoting it and motivating the faculty and students to involve themselves in research activities. The sum total of such research attitude and research culture of all the educational institutions further help in nation building as it directly affects economic and social development.
At ABBS, research is given high importance as it is imbibed in vision of the institute. ABBS has established the ABBS Centre for Research (ABBSCR). The objective of ABBSCR is to develop Acharya Bangalore B School as a Centre of Excellence to carry out research in all the programmes offered by ABBS. ABBSCR will act as a catalyst to disseminate the culture of research among the faculty and students of the institute and infuse inspiration into academic delivery.
In order to meet the challenges of emerging scenario in the twenty first century and to optimally exploit the new opportunities, the country needs vigorous result – oriented inter- disciplinary efforts, of a towering nature and scale. The efforts at the highest intellectual level have to be directed towards research, leading to strategies for growth with social justice and progress. Globalization requires an understanding of scientific processes, consultancy of an interdisciplinary nature on specific problems requiring a time bound solutions. The emphasis today is on the development of a new breed of managers, technocrats and development professionals equipped with appropriate knowledge and skills, an ability to acquire new knowledge/skills, a vision of things as they could be, and the confidence to face the unknown.
Anticipating the potential unleashed by future demand for personnel, the ABBS Center for Research (ABBSCR), Bangalore was established. The Centre envisages an educational mission to create an ambience for research through knowledge synthesis and dissemination for the benefit of the ever changing need of the industry and the society. The aim is to evolve into a center for Research continuously pursuing excellence

The ABBSCR offers infrastructure, technology and guidance to faculty, students and doctoral candidates through various stages of research. It is a platform aimed at emboldening promising researchers by equipping them with much-needed tools. Seed money and research facilities form a part of the coveted ecosystem that is built around approved projects. ABBS encourages faculty to present their research findings on global pedestals and offers incentives to those who do. We finance conference costs, reward authors of recognised research papers and provide a sabbatical policy to accommodate auxiliary research requirements.

The ABBSCR researchers in cutting-edge technology, able guidance and superlative spaces. It is conducive to collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas and theories across research layers and subjects.

Our annual calendar is peppered with numerous external research events, symposiums and conclaves that serve to showcase in-house research activities. These events also promote partnerships and alliances with other institutions in the research realm.

The Research Hub is underpinned by a veritable army of technology specialists, industry partners, associate researchers, faculty members, research staff and postgraduate students.

The Research Hub holds a digital habitat within its folds, one with superior software systems and world-class tools. Our spaces are technology-rich, allowing for in-depth programme-backed research.