Our experienced faculties give you the exposure you need

The academic environment at ABBS is inspired by a distinguished panel of faculty with global experience. 

Our faculty is carefully hand-picked based on academic qualifications and research quality. At ABBS, we draw on industry experts and international faculty to help us provide quality education.  

Many members of our faculty are part of ongoing research projects, and many have earned international awards and felicitations for their exemplary contributions in the realm of research.

Faculty Directory

Name of the Faculty Designation Educational Qualification Department
Dr.Vijaya Bhaskar K Principal Ph.D, M.Phil, MBA, M.Com, B.Com, Associate ship in Insurance from III
UG Commerce & Management
Dr.H.R.Venkatesha Director Ph.D, MBA, M.Com, B.Com PG Management Studies
Dr.D.M. Mahishi Director IQAC Ph.D, M.Sc, B.Sc IQAC
Dr.R.Jayanthi Professor Ph.D, PGDGC, SLET, M.Phil, MBA, BA PG Management Studies
Dr.Sengottuvelu C Professor Ph.D, MA ( Economics). M.E, MBA, SLET, PGDLSCM, PGDMM, BE PG Management Studies
Dr.Rajesh C Professor Ph.D, UGC-NET, MBA, B.Sc PG Management Studies
Dr.Ravichandran Professor PhD , MBA PG Management Studies
Dr.Geevarathna Professor Ph.D, M.Phil, MS, MBA, BBM, DCA PG Management Studies
Dr.V P Sriram Professor Ph.D, MBA, B.Sc, DSEIM PG Management Studies
Dr. A. Dhanalakshmi Professor Ph.D, MBA, B.Sc, DSEIM PG Management Studies
Dr.Naresh Babu EM Professor Ph.D, MBA , UGC-NET, M.Sc, B.Sc PG Management Studies
Dr.Kshitiz Sharma Professor Ph.D , MBA, MA, PGDM, PGDHRM, UGC-NET, MTM, DHMCT & AN PG Management Studies
Dr.V S Chauhan Professor Ph.D, MBA, M.Phil PG Management Studies
Mr. Viswanathan Professor M. Phil, MBA PG Management Studies
Dr. B Anitha Associate Professor - Academic coordinator Ph.D , MBA, MA-Eng lit , M.COM, PGDTE,B. Com Arts & Humanities
Mr.Ravi Aditya Associate Professor PGDM, MBA, CA, B.Com PG Management Studies
Dr.Syed Kazim Associate Professor Ph.D, M.Phi, MBA, BBM PG Management Studies
Dr. Shalini HS Associate Professor Ph.D, MBA , M.Sc , UGC-NET, K-SET, B.Sc PG Management Studies
Dr. Sheela Anthony Associate Professor Ph.D, M.Phil, MBA, B.Ed PG Management Studies
Dr. R K Prema Rajan Associate Professor Ph.D, MBA, B.Sc, NET/JRF PG Management Studies
Dr. M V Alagesan Associate Professor Ph.D , M.Com, ICMA, B.Com PG Management Studies
Dr. Ajitha Associate Professor Ph.D , Msc , MBA , BE PG Management Studies
Dr. Santhosh Kumar G Associate Professor Ph.D, M.Com, MBA, UGC-NET, SLET, BBM PG Management Studies
Dr. Poornima K Associate Professor Ph.D MBA , PGDFM, B.Sc, PG Management Studies
Mrs.Kavitha S Assistant Professor M.Phil, MBA, M.Com, UGC-NET, PGDHRM, B.Com
UG Commerce & Management
Mr.Lakshmi Narayana Maroli Assistant Professor M.Phil, MBA-CS, MHRM, MBE, , PGDBA, M.Com, BBM
UG Commerce & Management
Mr.C B Gopinath Assistant Professor M.Phil, MBA, M.Com, UGC-NET-, KSET, B.Com
UG Commerce & Management
Mr.Girish R Assistant Professor M. Phil, MBA, BE (E&C) PG Management Studies
Dr.Arul Senthil B Assistant Professor Ph.D, M.Phil, MBA, B.Sc PG Management Studies
Mr.Raghavendra K Assistant Professor PGDMM, MBA-, M.Com, B.Com
UG Commerce & Management
Mr.Joswa Stalin S Assistant Professor MBA, PGDHR, B.Ed, BBM UG Aviation Management
Ms.Niveditha P Devadiga Assistant Professor M.Com, B.Com
UG Commerce & Management
Mr. Ashoka G Assistant Professor M.Com, BBM
UG Commerce & Management
Mrs.Geethashree K Assistant Professor M.Com, B.Com
UG Commerce & Management
Mrs. Janaki Bai Assistant Professor MBA, B.Com UG Aviation Management
Mr. Arjun Sheka K Assistant Professor MBA, B.Tech (Aeronautical Engineering) UG Aviation Management
Mr. Thirupathi M Assistant Professor M.Com , M.Phil , KSET, TN-SET, B.Com PG Management Studies
Mr. Peddi Swetha Vardhana Rao Assistant Professor MBA (Aviation), BE- (Aeronautical Engineering) UG Aviation Management
Mr. Sujay C Assistant Professor M. Phil , MBA , Bcom, NET, K-SET
UG Commerce & Management
Madhumathi P Kodkol Assistant Professor M.Com, B.Com,
UG Commerce & Management
Mrs. Madhushree M Assistant Professor M. Com, B.Com, B.Ed
UG Commerce & Management
Ms.MeghaShree R Assistant Professor M.Com, B.Com,
UG Commerce & Management
Ms.Hemalatha M Assistant Professor MBA, M.com, UGC NET, BBA, UG Aviation Management
Ms.Madhukala K L Assistant Professor M.Phil, M.Sc, B.Ed, B.Sc Life Sciences
Dr. Keshavamurthy M Assistant Professor Ph. D M.Sc - Microbiology, B.Sc, NET, KSET Life Sciences
Dr.Avinash K O Assistant Professor Ph.D, MSc, BSc Life Sciences
Dr.Mary Shobha Rani I Assistant Professor PhD , Msc, Bsc Life Sciences
Mr.Praveen Kumar V Assistant Professor MCA , B.Sc (CS) Computer Sciences
Mr.Krishna Assistant Professor M.Tech (IT), M.Sc (CS), B.Sc (CME) Computer Sciences
Ms. Apurva Assistant Professor M.Tech, B E Computer Sciences
Ms.Sushma S Kattimani Assistant Professor MBA (HR), M.Phil, MA- , BA, Advanced Diploma in French Arts & Humanities
Mrs.Achu Anna Amthew
Assistant Professor MA (English), UGC-NET, B.A, B.Ed Arts & Humanities
Dr.Shiva Kumar G N Assistant Professor Ph.D (Kannada), MA .BA Arts & Humanities
Ms. Bhargavi M S Assistant Professor MBA & M.COM, BBM, PG Management Studies
Ms. Kowsalya Rangan Assistant Professor MA (Kannada) B.A, B.Ed Arts & Humanities
Ms. Geethanjali N Assistant Professor M.Com, MBA
UG Commerce & Management
Ms. Rekha Gothe Assistant Professor M.Phil, MAF, B.Com,
UG Commerce & Management
Ms. K. Kalaiselvi Assistant Professor MBA, M.Sc, B.Sc
UG Commerce & Management
Ms. Pooja Sundareswaran
Assistant Professor MBA, ICWA, B.Com,
UG Commerce & Management
Mr. Krishna Reddy T Assistant Professor PGDM, BBA PG Management Studies
Ms. Dhanalakshmi N G Assistant Professor MA (Kannada), BA,, B.Ed Arts & Humanities
Mr Karthik Kudkuli Assistant Professor MBA (Aviation Management), B.com UG Aviation Management
Ms. Shazia Nikath Asma
Assistant Professor M.COM, B.COM
UG Commerce & Management
Ms. Shama Sharif Assistant Professor MA (Sociology), BA Arts & Humanities
Mr. Sreeanandan Assistant Professor MBA, BBA PG Management Studies
Ms. Shreya Anand Lecturer MA( Journalism), BA Arts & Humanities
Mrs. KV Srilaxmi Madhuri Lecturer M.Sc Microbiology , B.Sc
Life Sciences
Ms. Shamily G Lecturer M.A ( Hindi),BA, B.Ed Arts & Humanities
Ms. Priya R S Lecturer MTTM (Tourism), B.Sc, Arts & Humanities
Ms. Hajeera Lecturer M. Tech, B.E, Computer Sciences
Ms. Shalini Shreenath Lecturer MA (Psychology), BA (Tourism), PG Diploma(PR), Arts & Humanities
Ms.Chikkalakshmamma Librarian M.LISc, BA , SET Library
Mr. Prasannakumar D K Assistant Librarian M.Lisc, B. Lisc Library
Mr.Shivakumar M N Assistant Librarian M.LISc, BA Library
Mr. Madhava Madhusudana Y C Physical Education Director M.PEd, B. PEd, BA, PGDSM, Physical Education