Financial Aid

An undergraduate or graduate degree is an investment in your future, and one way many students choose to fund that investment is through an educational loan. When managed rightly, an educational loan can be an invaluable instrument in financing your higher education at ABBS, as many educational loans offer more favourable terms than other buyer loans. While all loans must be repaid, you should explore all of your options and only apply to what you categorically need and what is suitable for you.

ABBS is associated with CREDENCE and Tachy Loans

Process for Tachy Loans
B. TACHY Loans (

Step 1: Applicant has to Upload
a. Pan card
b. Aadhar card
c. Bank statement of 6 months PDF Format
d. Pay Slips 
contact information on our Portal need to be filled.

Step 2: As Soon they complete the Registration maximum by 1 day we confirm the Eligibility (usually takes 4 working hours)
Step 3: physical verification
step 4: Sign on documents
Processing Duration will be 2-5 working Days

2. Eligibility:
Age: 25-58yrs
Income: Rs.20,000/month Minimum
Cibil score: 650 above

3. Tenure will be 6-36 months
4. Interest Rate Starts From 11.5%. Depends on Cibil Score
5. students can avail more than one loan if they come under the eligibility criteria.
6. Loan Amount Will Be Directly Credited in Institute/organization Current Bank account.