Since its inception, ABBS has upheld a tradition of employing and collaborating with only the best faculty in the industry. Our lecturers are highly qualified and have proven functional expertise in delivering excellent course content.
At ABBS, our lessons stand apart by being relevant and forward-looking; our techniques are an amalgam of proven learning tools, conceptual frameworks and problem-solving models inspired by the best practices of globally renowned organisations.
Our faculty is a healthy blend of industry professionals and seasoned academicians from diverse backgrounds, with collective skills that span an array of subjects.

1 Dr.H.R.Venkatesha M.Com & Ph.D Professor 15/02/2008 Regular
2 Dr.R.Jayanthi MBA & Ph.D Professor 15/10/2012 Regular
3 Dr. Kamini Dhruva MBA & Ph.D Professor 1/12/2007 Regular
4 Dr.A. Dhanalakshmi M.Com & Ph.D Professor 14/04/2010 Regular
5 Dr.VS Chauhan MBA & Ph.D Professor 15/07/2009 Regular
6 Dr. Madhumita Chatterji MBA & Ph.D Professor 18/08/2017 Regular
7 Dr. Sengottuvelu C MBA & Ph.D Professor 1/8/2017 Regular
8 Mr. M Vishwanathan  MBA Professor 1/8/2012 Regular
9 Dr.Rajesh C MBA & Ph.D Associate Professor 3/8/2015 Regular
10 Dr. Yavana Rani S MBA & Ph.D Associate Professor 18/07/2016 Regular
11 Dr.Geevarathna MBA & Ph.D Associate Professor 6/7/2017 Regular
12 Dr.Vijaya Bhaskar K MBA & Ph.D Associate Professor 3/8/2015 Regular
13 Dr. Ravi Shankar Bhakat MBA & Ph.D Associate Professor 17/07/2017 Regular
14 Dr. Syed Kazim MBA & Ph.D Associate Professor 18/07/2016 Regular
15 Dr. V.P.Sriram MBA & Ph.D Associate Professor 28/08/2017 Regular
16 Dr. Sharieff M H MBA & Ph.D Associate Professor 4/6/2018 Regular
17 Mrs. Pala Suriyakala MBA Assistant Professor 1/8/2014 Regular
18 Mr.Ravi Aditya PGDM Assistant Professor 3/8/2015 Regular
19 Mr.Lakshmi Narayana Maroli   M.Com Assistant Professor 1/8/2009 Regular
20 Ms. Bhargavi MBA Assistant Professor 4/2/2015 Regular
21 Mr. George Santhosh MBA Assistant Professor 2/4/2008 Regular
22 Mr. T.Krishna Reddy PGDM Assistant Professor 2/5/2012 Regular
23 Mr. Ellur Anand PGDM Assistant Professor 18/07/2016 Regular
24 Mr. Anand Sasikumar   MBA Assistant Professor 18/07/2016 Regular
25 Mr.Siddanagouda Policepatil MBA, Assistant Professor 17/07/2017 Regular
26 Mr.Ashwin R John MBA Assistant Professor 17/07/2017 Regular
27 Mr.Ashish Vazirani MBA Assistant Professor 11/8/2017 Regular
28 Mr. Rahul Sharma MBA Assistant Professor 1/8/2017 Regular
29 Ms. Shalini H S MBA Assistant Professor 1/8/2018 Regular
30 Mr. Girish R MBA Assistant Professor 13/08/2018 Regular
31 Mrs.Neetu Sharma M.Phil Assistant Professor 7/8/2013 Regular
32 Mrs. M.B. Roopa PGDM Assistant Professor 1/7/2013 Regular
33 Ms.Heena Kosar M.Com Assistant Professor 18/07/2016 Regular
34 Dr. Bharathraj Shetty A K MBA & Ph.D Associate Professor 29/08/2016 Contract
35 Mr. Arun B N M.Com Assistant Professor 29/08/2016 Contract