The MBA Department is housed in the Chanakya Block in the Campus- with Classrooms, Gallery Halls, Tutorials, library and computer lab. 12 Lecture Halls are well ventilated, fitted with green boards/whiteboards, podiums and comfortable seating facility for 60 Students each. Each lecture hall is equipped with projectors, Wi-Fi enabled to assist in teaching and learning process.

Gallery Halls are well ventilated, fitted with whiteboards, podiums with comfortable seating facility for 120 students each. Each Gallery hall is equipped with display projector and audio system for interactive lectures and presentations. These gallery halls are furnished with Smart Boards. These halls facilitate webinar and video conferencing. Smart classroom set with PC free interaction to facilitate the faculty to manage the entire PC operation on the board (touch screen) is operational. Faculty can share the files, resources from the server, local drive, internet and present live content during the class.

Quality of Learning Resources at Library:

  • The Departmental Library provides an access to various relevant learning resources like Books, journals, online databases etc. The Departmental library has total collection of 8740 books, 55 journals/magazines, 430 back volumes, 900 project reports, 650 CD/DVD’s and 120 Audio Visual cassettes.
  • 80% of the library books are as per the prescribed syllabus and remaining 20% books are General Management books in areas such as Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Personality Development, Communication Skill, Managerial Skills etc.
  • Library has more collection on Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Banking & Insurance and Business Administration. Since 90 students have taken finance specialization, 233 students have taken Marketing specialization and 75 students have taken HRM specialization, the collection of books is adequately in proportion to the number of students.
  • ABBS has membership of IIM- Bangalore Library.

The following table shows the available e-Books and e-journals in the library;

Sl No.
Name of the Database
Number of e-Journals and e-Books
Web Link
J-Gate Plus
40 Million e-Books

To stay advanced and provide students with the best of the latest services, the campus and hostels have Wi-Fi, enabling students to access the internet through the wireless router, any time after they login. The campus is wireless-fidelity enabled; with an internet speed of 100 Mbps 1:1 leased line.

TCS iON ERP Cloud software (Software as Services model) which comprises of various modules like Admissions, Academics, Library, HRMS, Payroll, Purchase & Inventory, Transport, and Hostels.  Student data is maintained in the software right from enrolment.  Student’s feedback is obtained through, Google Forms, ABBS provides E-alert service through SMS and e-mail for all the stake holders.  Group broadcast messages for notifications to students and parents is available.

A state-of-the-art auditorium is upgraded with a capacity of 320 seats. The auditorium is equipped with modern air-conditioning and lighting systems. It has been fully equipped with Liquid Crystal Display projector (LCD) and digital sound system.

Amphitheater-“VEDIKA”is a place to enhance/ explore the cultural, extracurricular activities and enhance their interpersonal skills through activities and events. This outdoor amphitheater can accommodate 500 students. Multiple events viz. Karnataka Rajyotsava, Annual Fest, Teachers Day, Cultural Events, Business Simulation games are conducted in Vedika


Hostel facilities have been equipped with Wi-Fi, Guest Room and Canteen facilities. Hostels are also provided with emergency medical services and laundry services. The hostels are always under 24X 7 securities, fire extinguishers and full-time warden.


ABBS provides transportation facility to staffs and students with multiple routes in the city. The transport service is provided through a fleet of modern buses and vans. Every bus is accompanied with experienced driver and caretaker. Transport department ensures in hassle free facility for the stakeholders while covering wide area and places. All buses start every morning from various halts in the city to reach the campus on time.


There is a trendy cafeteria facility with spacious seating. With an appealing look, the canteen offers a wide range of cuisines: North Indian, South Indian, Chinese and fast food. It facilitates as a platform and friendly atmosphere for informal meetings and casual brainstorming sessions. The food cooked in the cafeteria is maintained by an experienced team to ensure hygiene and quality of food that is served.


On campus medical facility has been provided for medical emergencies.  A qualified medical practitioner is available on the campus to provide first aid/emergency medical treatment to students if there is a need.  The students undergo a medical examination by the medical practitioner and the results of the medical examination are being shared with students with specific medical advise, wherever needed.   Students of the department are covered under the accident insurance policy and are eligible for reimbursement of medical expenses incurred for treatment of any kind of accident that happens both on campus and off campus.

A serene atmosphere for learning has been created for ABBS by spacious lush Green Campus. The campus has witnessed a plantation of plants and trees in every nook and corner. Rain Water Harvesting Facility, modern  sewage  discharge  system and  sewage  treatment  plant of high standards has been maintained in the campus to meet Watering requirements.

In recent years, there has been a Global initiative centred on Green Energy practices. To contribute to this cause, Acharya Bangalore B-School has facilitated 200kW of solar renovation. This system ensures the energy consumption at the campus is lesser than the overall energy generated. Currently, close to 60% of surplus energy is generated by the solar panels. Needless to say, this solar panel array will yield countless amounts of sustainable energy for the school, dramatically reducing its carbon footprint.



The institution provides both indoor and outdoor facilities to the students and staff. The details of indoor and outdoor sports facilities are given below:

Indoor Sports Facilities

Indoor Sports: Facilities for playing Carrom (8 boards), Chess (8 boards) and Badminton court and table tennis (3 boards), Foosball and Billiards are available. Institution also provides facilities for yoga.

Gymnasium:  The gym is well-equipped with a range of free weights, resistance equipment, machines and aerobic equipment-including two treadmills, two cross-trainers and two power cycles. Both students and staff use the facility. The gym has regular instructors who help students with training. Gym is functional from 6 am to 7 pm from Monday to Saturday.

Aerobics and Yoga: Aerobics classes are taken by experts for students and staff from time to time to spread awareness on the importance of physical fitness.

There is a Yoga hall recognizing the value of prayer and meditation in the holistic development of the personality (emotional, physical, mental and spiritual), due importance is given to yoga. Yoga sessions are conducted regularly for students and staff.

Outdoor Sports Facilities

 A qualified Physical Education Director guides the students for effective participation in various games. Students are encouraged to take part in University as well as inter collegiate tournaments.

 Facilities such as Basketball court, Badminton, Volley-Ball court, Cricket practice pitch, and throw-ball court are provided.