MBA Program


PEO 1: To internalize fundamentals of management and to specialize in the chosen areas.

PEO 2: To develop students to face managerial challenges through effective decision making, logical and critical thinking to excel in chosen career.

PEO 3: To adapt students to leverage on change for reaping social and economic benefits.

PEO 4: To equip students to synergize interdisciplinary, interpersonal and multicultural environment.

PEO 5: To impart professional ethics and commitment to social responsibilities enabling students to become global corporate citizens

PO 1:  Apply knowledge of management theories and practices to solve business problems.

PO 2:  Foster Analytical and critical thinking abilities for data-based decision making in chosen specialised areas.

PO 3:  Ability to develop leadership competency with values.

PO 4:  Ability to understand, analyse and communicate, economic, legal, global, and ethical perspectives of business.

PO 5:  Ability to lead and achieve organisation goals, contributing effectively to a team environment.

PO 6:  Communication Skills: Honing varied formats of communication skills.

PO 7:  Imbibe diverse and multicultural perspectives.

PO 8:  Ability to be a lifelong learner leading to holistic development.




Course Matrix





Academic Process


  1. Book review: Book Review was conceived to encourage the students to get in to the habit of reading and improving their reading skills. Every student gets a general management book issued from library. The student presents the book review during the book review club week. Also a written book review is submitted in the prescribed format. This is the best practice of the department. In a semester each student reviews two books.


  1. Shadowing the CEO: For students to get an understanding of corporate culture and the intricacies of running a business, Shadowing the CEO for a day is offered to advance learners. The students spend a complete day with the CEO and conclude with an interview. The excerpts of the interview are shared through presentation in the classroom for others to learn.








Sep 19,2018

Ms. Sujatha J

CEO Vidhya Abroad 360 Pvt.Ltd Bangalore

1.Ms. Fiona Jacqueline – I MBA

2.Mr.Rohit C Mathew – I MBA


*realized the critical role and the importance of the communication

*working in team and characteristics of an effective leader


Jan 8, 2018

Ms. Babitha Jaishankar


The New You,

Women’s Clothing Brand


1. Ms. Anushreya Nag– II MBA

2. Ms. Sahana- II MBA


*how to balance work life being a women

*Challenges faced by entrepreneur

*to Explore new things not bothering about failures

*to take risk


  1. Video Conferencing- Lifesize: Extending the guest Lectures beyond the physical presence, Lifesize, a real-time video conferencing solution, are arranged. Eminent speakers from across the globe interact with the students and provide many insights in their specialized areas.









26, October, 2018

Dr. Hossan Chowdhury

Faculty of Management & Chief Consultant,

ARDC, Melbourne, Australia


Understanding motivation with two factor theory


*application of motivation theories in real time situation


28, September, 2018

Mr. Srivatsan Chakravarthy Regulatory Business Analyst, SMBC Nikko Capital Markets London


General overview of the financial landscape within UK and Europe


*Financial conditions &transactions in Europe


30, August, 2018

Dr. M.Shanmuga Priya

AssistantProfessor/MBA, Kalasalingam University,

Tamilnadu, India


Service Quality dimensions in Higher Educational Institutions


*SQL concepts and its application