Times of ABBS is an initiative taken by Acharya Bangalore B School to provide student community a platform for presenting their ideas, thoughts and researches which gives a clear picture of what is happening in the present market scenarios.

The magazine includes various articles written by students with respect to industry happenings which includes analysis with respect to human resources, finance, and marketing. It also includes details on various ongoing and past activities performed in the campus.

It is not only limited to the students but also allows the faculty to put forth their ideology to provide guidance to everyone. In addition, the alumni are active in contributing for the magazine to update the student community with recent advancements in industry.

The reach of Times of ABBS is not limited to campus borders as it caters to the alumni and the entire recruitment base of Acharya Bangalore B School.



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 At ABBS, students research is an integral part of the learning structure. ABBS Students are encouraged to publish papers in various journals. Some of the prominent publications over the years by MBA students are as follows:

Sl. No Name of the Author(s) Month & Year Title of the Paper Name of the Journal with ISSN /ISBN
1 Pavan S and Dr. Geevarathana  Jan, 2019 A study on Customer Perception of Himalayan Motorcycle of  Royal Enfield after Relaunch SS International Journal of Economics and Management, eISSN:- 22314963, Journal No. 46558
2 Praveen H S and Dr. Ravi Shankar Bhakat  Jan, 2019 A study on Catchment Area Analysis of Fashion at Big Bazaar Store.  SS International Journal of Economics and Management, eISSN:- 22314963, Journal No. 46558
3 Ruuchi Padhi and Dr. Rajesh. C Jan, 2019 A study on Client Redundant Consideration for Luxury Properties offered by Budget Hotel Aggregator with special reference to OYO  Rooms.  SS International Journal of Economics and Management, eISSN:- 22314963, Journal No. 46558
4 Vidyanand Gupta and Prof. Ashwin R John Jan, 2019 Brand Loyalty with reference to Two Wheeler Segment in India.  SS International Journal of Economics and Management, eISSN:- 22314963, Journal No. 46558
5 Dattathreya and Prof. Siddanagouda Policepatil Jan, 2019  A study on comparative analysis of the old tax system to the GST in India.  SS International Journal of Economics and Management, eISSN:- 22314963, Journal No. 46558
6 Dhikshitha Baskaran December, 2018 Employee Morale and Satisfaction with Reference to Retail Chain Journal of Social Welfare and Management VOL.10 NO.3 SEP- DEC 2018.pISSN: 0975-0231, eISSN: 2456-0871
7 Darshan Kuri December, 2018 A study on Sickness Absenteeism of OPD staff in Columbia Asia Hospital Journal of Social Welfare and Management VOL.10 NO.3 SEP- DEC 2018. pISSN: 0975-0231, eISSN: 2456-0871
8 Nishanth, K October 2015- March 2016  Marketing Strategy of Financial Services Firm with respect to Muthoot Finance AMBER ISSN: 0976-3341, Vol7, Issue 1, Page No: 64-69
9 Sherin, B April – September 2016 A study on the Growth in Apparel Retail Sector AMBER ISSN: 0976-3341, Vol.7, Issue 2, Page No 69-72
10 Satish & Uppara Rama Krishna October 2016-March 2017 A study on analysis of factors affecting the price of the commodity of silver AMBER ISSN: 0976-3341, Vol 2, Issue 1, Page No 81-88
11 Dasrshan Kuri April -September 2017 Impact of Business Ecosystem on Green Business AMBER ISSN: 0976- 3341, Vol 8, Issue 2, Page No 114-119 


Acharya Management Business and Entrepreneurship Review (AMBER ISSN: 0976-3341)) is a Bi-annual Journal from ABBS, Indexed in iScholar and J-Gate.


The faculty prepare cases in their chosen subject as a teaching tool for every module. Casestudy Writing workshops are conducted periodically in the department. The cases were prepared keeping in view to foster analytical and critical thinking among the requirements of MBA graduates.

Cases Developed by Faculty: 2017-18


Case Title

Developed By


Does business history repeat?

Dr. H.R Venkatesha

Ecosystem for the growth of Business

Entrepreneurs born or made?

Memory Plus


Santosh Electronics Corporation

Prof. M Vishwanathan

ACME enterprises ltd.

Phoenix Construction Company

Relish Food Pvt. Ltd.

Roreich Perfumes

Organisational Behaviour

Understanding ABC of OB

Dr. VS Chauhan

Models of OB

Theory and Models of Motivation

Leadership Quality and Styles

Conflict Management

Organisational Culture and Effectiveness

Organisational Change and development

Operations Management

Dixi Bottling Company

Prof. Anand Sasikumar

Pai & Pai Manufacturing

ABION Company- Efficiency Rating

Financial Management

Case Study on Financial Statement analysis

Prof. BN Arun

A comprehensive case study on Capital Budgeting

A comprehensive case study on Dividend Policy

Case study on Working Capital

Accounting for Managers

Basic Accounting Information

Prof. Heena Kosar

Basic Accounting Terminology

Starting own Business

Managing Business

Preparing Financial Statements

Break-Even Point

Marketing Management

Tata Nano- A perfect middle class car

Dr. Yavana Rani

Marketing Mix- Titan a Strategic Edge

Service Excellence- Indigo scaling new Heights

P&G Logistics revolution- Co-Creating Value

Marketing Strategies- Cadbury a milky way


Higher Education

Ms. Bhargavi

Payment Banks- A Case of “Banks for the Unbanked”

Employee Vs. Employer

Success story of Bandhan bank

Temples a changed perspectives in the information technology era

Statistics and Operations

Dilemma of too many

Dr. Ellur Anand

Clash of canteen

Maiden investment of an amateur professional

Absolute No Cue, why this queue?

Information Technology

Technology enabled business solution- Axis Bank

Mr. Anilkumar

System Development Methodologies – Indian Railways

Telematics- An automated systems

Cutting edge technology and system- TVS Motors

Evolution of Flipkart

Business and Industry

Unemployment and Underemployment

Dr. Rajesh C

Pillars of Economic Development

Productive Systems

LPG India 1991: Opening Case

Crisis Management

Voluntary Organisations- Opening Case

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Exercising strategic and operational controls at iGate Global solutions

Dr. Syed Kazim

Managing Hindustan Unilever Strategically

Internationalisation of Kalyani Group

Unilever in Brazil: Marketing Strategies for low income customers

Lego: The Toy industry changes

Human Resources Management

Equal Pay for Equal Work

Dr. R Jayanthi

Career Plan

Discipline and Strike

Workers Union



Managerial Skills

Dr. K Vijaya Bhaskar

Remuneration and Efficiency

Promotional Challenges

Managerial Economics

Decision Making at Asian Paints

Ravi Aditya

Micro Factors affecting demand for branded jewellery products

Economic Slowdown


Cases Developed by Faculty: 2018-19

Developed by

Case Title

Dr. H.R.Venkatesha

Technological Environment: A Historical Perspective To Study Effect Of Industry 4.0

Dr. V S Chauhan

Totoyo  Auto Parts  Ltd

Prof. M Vishwanathan

Singapore Airlines (Sia): Developing A Competitive Edge Through  Superior Service Strategies

Dr. R. Jayanthi

Curious Case Of Training Cost

Dr. Yavana Rani S

Company’s Profile: Large Insurance And Investment Company

Prof. Ellur Anand


Prof. Anand Sasikumar


Dr. Ravi Shankar Bhakat

Emerging Products And Demographic Transition: A Case Of Pet Foods

Dr. Syed Kazim

Grave Crisis Of Air India

Prof. Heena Kosar

Vishal Farms : A Case For Accounting Estimate, Inventory And Tax

Prof. Siddanagouda Policepatil

Who Will Fall First? (Microsoft, Apple And Google)

Prof. Ashwin R John

India’s Tax Reforms – A Bane Or A Boon – An Econometrics Perspective

Prof. Ashish. V

Technology Disrupting Recruitment Process – Case Of Facultybox

Prof. Shalini H S

A Case Study On “Issue Of Letter Of Undertaking, Necessary Evil For Indian Banking Industry: With Special Reference To Punjab National Bank”

Dr. Sengottuvelu Chinnan

Inventory Management By Using MUSIC-3D Technique

Prof. Rahul Sharma

Who Moved Patanjali’s Cheese?

Prof. Girish R

“Bhattru Canteen”—A Journey Of Success