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Best MBA College In Bangalore

ABBS offers real-time learning that goes hand in hand with practical experience and peer learning. Our Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) program in Bangalore delivers the leaders of the business world who are competitive in all factors an organization seeks in its manager. 

The students at good MBA colleges in Bangalore get a learning experience that’s well organized and synchronised to ensure each student stays focused and positive while building their career. The classes are held for adequate hours which allows students to learn, discuss and work with a team effectively. 

The time you take MBA admission in Bangalore at ABBS the countdown to your successful career begins. We rank at top of the list of MBA colleges in Bangalore on google which has become possible with the help of our dedicated faculty members and enthusiastic study structure. It is our aim to enliven, strengthen and refine our student's leadership and management skills while building a multi-tasker for top organizations of the world. Gain access to the best Global Management knowledge, corporate internships and placements in the finest companies of the business world exclusively at ABBS one of the best MBA schools in Bangalore.

ABBS - MBA courses in Bangalore

  1. Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) 

  2. Value-Added Programs 

    • Toastmasters International 
    • Industrial visits 
    • Live projects and simulations 
    • Business management book reviews 
    • Armageddon 
    • Entrepreneurship development 
    • Socially relevant projects 
  3. Certifications 

    • Business analytics certification from Virginia Tech
    • Six Sigma Green Belt Training 
    • Supply Chain Management Certification 
    • Bombay Stock Exchange Certification on Derivatives 
    • 21st Century Skills Micro 
    • Learning Program

Eligibility criteria for MBA admission in Bangalore

  • Graduation with an aggregate of 50% marks from any recognized university in any discipline. 
  • Should have compulsorily appeared for CAT/XAT/MAT/KMAT/CMAT/GMAT. -Work experience would be an added value.

Why is ABBS a Leader's Choice?

Top organizations of the world are seeking candidates that can take their business to the next level and the organization looks after the candidate’s career growth in return. At ABBS, a top MBA college in Bangalore we understand that making such a professional requires going beyond his/her field of study and acquiring end-to-end ideas about the industries, a deep understanding of organizational operations and multi-tasking ability.

This MBA course at the best MBA colleges in Bangalore elevates the business administration abilities through the blend of full-time and tailored learning experience along with practical knowledge, eventually allowing students to maximize their knowledge and get maximum return on investment. 

Become adept in the fundamentals of business. Here at ABBS, all the elements of business administration are embedded in our MBA courses in Bangalore. Our dedicated faculty teachers make you adept at how to use analytical frameworks and implement evidence-based ideas to unravel tricky situations and make an actual difference in your organization’s growth in real-time. 

Good MBA colleges in Bangalore with low fees that offer you extensive career opportunities as the skills and knowledge you acquire here to stay with you forever. This is an MBA school in Bangalore that helps you not only gain rightful knowledge to crack your interview but also help you to prepare a powerful, supportive and evident portfolio. 

Come and get a track to your success only at ABBS-Top MBA College in Bangalore!!!

Course Details

  • Course Outline

    The Curriculum integrates coursework along with international expertise and pedagogy. The MBA program at ABBS, the top-ranked on the list of MBA colleges in Bangalore is a transformative journey offering unparalleled opportunity along the way, with access to the best Global Management knowledge, corporate internships and placements from the finest companies in the market.

  • Value-Added Programs at top 10 MBA colleges in Bangalore
    • Toastmasters International 
    • Industrial visits 
    • Live projects and simulations 
    • Business management book reviews 
    • Armageddon 
    • Entrepreneurship development 
    • Socially relevant projects
  • Certifications
    • Business analytics certification from Virginia Tech 
    • Six Sigma Green Belt Training 
    • Supply Chain Management Certification 
    • Bombay Stock Exchange Certification on Derivatives 
    • 21st Century Skills Micro 
    • Learning Program

Admission and Tuition

  • Application Process
    • Step 1: Complete the online application form:
    • Step 2: Candidate screening and eligibility scan.
    • Step 3: Personal interview and group discussion.
    • Step 4: Results are announced based on score card.
    • Step 5: Admission offer letters will be sent to shortlisted candidates.
    • Step 6: Candidate registration fee is paid directly to the institution after the confirmation of seat.
  • Application Timeline

    The admission process for various programmes at the top 5 MBA colleges in Bangalore commences during January of every year and extends till the last date of admission as per the university regulations or availability of seats, whichever is earlier. 

    Note: Aspirants are instructed to personally confirm the admission dates and timelines from the admissions office.

  • Fee Structure

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More Information

  • Bring Your Own Device

     As part of ABBS's commitment to innovative learning strategies, while pursuing MBA courses in Bangalore, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative is designed to enhance your learning experience. Through the use of online and mobile technologies in and out of the classroom, you will be able to access course materials, participate in collaborative learning environments and build the technical skills needed in today's workforce.


  • What should I know about the CAT and MAT?

    CAT and MAT both are national levels entrance exams on the basis of which you can get admission to an MBA college in Bangalore also if you are willing to get admission to some of the top MBA Colleges in Bangalore then it’s mandatory to pass one of the entrances. Candidates very often get confused when it comes to picking and taking the entrance exam as the CAT entrance score will be a basis for getting admission to an A-grade business school whereas the MAT entrance score will not be a basis for admission to the top 10 MBA colleges in Bangalore. However, they both hold importance when getting admission to college so it's important to understand both concepts before taking the exams. 

    Many people wonder what makes MAT so important that it is compared with CAT. The answer is that MAT offers multiple attempts for candidates who want to improve their scores in the same academic year. Unfortunately, candidates don’t get this option in CAT as it can only be attempted annually. 

    You should know that both the entrance exams are similar in terms of syllabus and question types that are MCQs but are different in other aspects like topics, exam pattern, marking scheme, difficulty level, etc. In simple terms, CAT is tougher to crack than MAT which opens up more chances for MBA admission in Bangalore.

  • Do I need to give an interview for the MBA entrance exam?

    Good MBA colleges in Bangalore require candidates to have group discussions and personal interview rounds also known as (GD/PI). The GD/PI can be a tougher task than scoring good in entrance exams for MBA as entrances are held on basis of a course and syllabus that can be learned over a few months however in the case of GD/PI no one is aware of what will be asked or what topic will be given. The questions are always random and need candidates to be very confident and have a good presence of mind. 

    In order to get admission at a college that is among the best list of MBA colleges in Bangalore, you must put all your efforts to groom yourself. Some common questions that are often asked by interviewers in MBA personal interviews are: 

    1. Tell us something about yourself. 
    2. Why do you think we should give you admission to our college? 
    3. What are your key skills/ greatest strengths? 
    4. What is your greatest weakness? 
    5. What is your greatest achievement? 
    6. Where do you see yourself five years down the line? 
    7. What are your career goals? 
    8. What are your short-term goals? 
    9. What are your long-term goals?
    10. Why do you want to join this College/B-school? 
    11. Why MBA? 

    Basically, these questions are asked to test a candidate’s IQ level, and presence of mind, to understand their personality and behaviour.

  • Can I do an MBA without experience?

    Definitely yes. These days MBA programs at the top 5 MBA colleges in Bangalore have changed a lot and are structured in a way to help freshers as well to build their careers in the field of management. If you have no work experience you can still get enrolled at MBA Schools in Bangalore for various programs. 

    These programs help freshers to get prepared for professional positions and are known as “early career” MBA programs. 

    Well, yes! The MBA programs have changed and are designed to help the candidates to meet their future ambition. Students who do not have any professional experience can also choose the MBA program. Studying such programs offer candidates to gain knowledge, experience, network, career perspective, and many more. MBA programs for freshers at the best MBA Colleges in Bangalore make students adept to use many management tools that help to gain success in the business administration field. 

    Before taking early career MBA courses candidates should check the program meets the following criteria: 

    • Choose a full-time MBA program 
    • The course must offer learning, practical experience 
    • Help build a good professional portfolio 
    • Internships must be included in the curriculum 
    • Mentor programs, Projects for clients and many more 

    MBA Courses in Bangalore should offer the student a comprehensive understanding of management with the help of practical training so that they could devise the same for the real business challenges. It should also deliver in-depth expertise in the areas of interest of the students.

  • What should be included in the MBA application?

    The application for taking admission at MBA college in Bangalore consist of the following sections: 

    Background information, Application Fee, 2 essays, Transcripts (unofficial or official), Two letters of recommendation, GMAT/GRE scores, Resume (if any work experience) and English language test score. 

    The Background Information in the application section of good MBA colleges in Bangalore includes: 

    • Contact information of the applicant (e.g., mailing address and phone number) -Date of birth of the applicant
    • Family background of the applicant 
    • Academic degrees earned by the applicant consist of high school degree, intermediate degree, bachelor’s or bachelor’s-equivalent degree, study abroad (if any), summer school, and post-baccalaureate classes, complete the Education and Transcript section for all of your academic experiences. 

    MBA admission in Bangalore application includes an Employment section as well where the candidate has to fill the duration of work experience, including military and entrepreneurial experiences. If any part-time job or summer employment is accomplished then that should also be included. 

    Prior Conviction Information includes if a candidate has or had ever been convicted of or pleaded guilty or no contest to a felony or misdemeanour (excluding minor traffic violations). Failure to disclose this information may result in the withdrawal of any possible offers of admission.

Program details

Next Intake: June 2024

Duration: 24 months

Credentials: Masters in Business Administration

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