ABBS- Top B com college in Bangalore

The Bachelor’s in commerce is a programme for commerce aspirants. This department was established in the year 2010 at ABBS to allow and strengthen the students to acquire mandatory knowledge, skills and abilities required for analysing the business’s reality and coming up with excellent business strategies.

Our B com college in Bangalore aims to make students well-equipped with conceptual and practical knowledge of commerce and the business world. The students here are made ready to face challenges when they are hired by organizations and prove themselves deserving professionals. The course is structured in a way to help the students develop their entrepreneurial mindset and skills.

Why choose ABBS over other B Com colleges in Bangalore

  • Here at ABBS the b.com course offers a meticulous understanding of business affairs and the economic parameters.
  • The commerce aspirants get an opportunity to become adept at evaluating numerous systems, policy guidelines and methods required to manage an ever-changing organization’s environment. 
  • The students are made competent in understanding the financial system, the country’s constituents, the foundation on which business operates, inter-linkages and government compliance guidelines along with a meticulous understanding of commerce and business management.

Objectives of the program at ABBS - top B Com college in Bangalore

The B.Com. programme at ABBS-best b.com. college in Bangalore is designed with a special focus on making students adept and well-equipped to serve in the field of commerce. The objectives of the programme are:

  • To impart to students the understanding and expertise of the business world and its strategies. We endeavour to make each student competent with the practical skills and problem-solving approach concerned with business matters.
  • To train students and make them capable of developing their technical skills so that big organizations are always ready to hire them for a good position. The course is designed to allow students to upskill and reskill their learning ability even in the future.

Course outline at ABBS-B Com college in Bangalore

B.Com. The course is affiliated with Bangalore University. The course of study for a B.Com. degree extends over a period of three years divided into 6 (Six) semesters. The curriculum for B.Com. is focused on: 

  • AECC: Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course, Discipline Specific Core (Course)
  • SEC-SB/VB: Skill Enhancement Course-Skill Based/Value-Based
  • OEC: Open Elective Course
  • DSE: Discipline Specific Elective
  • SEE: Semester End Examination
  • CIE: Continuous Internal Evaluation
  • L+T+P : Lecture+Tutorial+Practical(s)

Career prospect after studying at Top B Com college in Bangalore

Students shall pursue professional courses like CA, ICWA, CS, CMA etc. One can opt for a Master of Commerce (M Com) or Master of Business Administration (MBA). They can pursue M Com and Research programs to enhance their knowledge in the research domain and for teaching jobs. The course, MBA will be apt for young entrepreneurs, job seekers etc. They have ample choices of jobs in the field of Accounting and Auditing, Tax Advisory Services, Financial Services, Commercial Banking, International Banking, Insurance Services, Telecommunication Services and BPOs and Manufacturing Services.

Skills Development at ABBS - Best B Com college in Bangalore

The commerce aspirants at ABBS become adept in the following aptitudes once they pass out from here: 

  • Excellent Disciplinary Knowledge 
  • Real-time Critical Thinking 
  • Superb Communication Skills 
  • Cooperation/TeamWork 
  • Research Related Skills 
  • Moral and Ethical Awareness 
  • Lifelong Learning 
  • Information and Digital Expertise 
  • Multicultural Competence 
  • Reflective Thinking 
  • Scientific Reasoning

Course Details

  • Course Outline

    B Com course is Affiliated to Bangalore University. The course of study for B.Com., degree shall extend over a period of three years divided into 6 (Six) semesters.

    The curriculum for B Com is focused on

    • AECC : Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course, Discipline Specific Core (Course),
    • SEC-SB/VB : Skill Enhancement Course-Skill Based/Value Based,
    • OEC : Open Elective Course,
    • DSE : Discipline Specific Elective,
    • SEE : Semester End Examination,
    • CIE : Continuous Internal Evaluation,
    • L+T+P : Lecture+Tutorial+Practical(s).
  • Career Prospect

    Students shall pursue the professional courses like CA, ICWA, CS, CMA etc. One can opt for a Master of Commerce (M Com) or Master of Business Administration (MBA). They can pursue M Com and Research programs to enhance their knowledge in research domain and for teaching jobs. The course, MBA will be apt for young entrepreneurs, job seekers etc. They have ample choices of jobs in the field of Accounting and Auditing, Tax Advisory Services, Financial Services, Commercial Banking, International Banking, Insurance Services, Telecommunication Services and BPO's and Manufacturing Services.

Admission and Tuition

  • Eligibility
    • 10+2 or PUC or any equivalent from a recognized education board/council with biology subjects and a minimum aggregate of 40% in 10th and 12th. Seats are allotted on a merit basis.
  • Application Timeline

    The Admission selection process for undergraduate programs commences during January of every year and extends till the last date of admission as per the university regulations or availability of seats, whichever is earlier.

    Note: Aspirants are instructed to personally confirm the admission dates and timelines from the admissions office.

  • Scholarships:

More Information

  • Objectives of the Program
    • To enable students to be familiar with Software development, conducting tests, and evaluate software circuits 
    • To ease the use of programming languages in students and help them write code for software.  
    • Students are introduced to computer languages including C, C++, C#, Java, Python, etc. 
    • To develop websites one needs to have exposure to HTML/XHTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript.
  • Bring Your Own Device

    As part of ABBS commitment to innovative learning strategies, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative is designed to enhance your learning experience. Through the use of online and mobile technologies in and out of the classroom, you will be able to access course materials, participate in collaborative learning environments and build the technological skills needed in today's workforce.


Pavan Karagi

B. Com. (Batch 2018-2021)

The faculties are well qualified and have proper knowledge of their subjects. The quality of teaching is decent. The curriculum is well updated as per the latest industry requirement. Overall the academics are quite good. There are various activities conducted throughout the academic years. ABBS gives us an excellent opportunity for learning all aspects needed for excelling in a professional career. The institution has created a modern and effective academic ambience for learning and updating our knowledge.


B. Com. (Batch 2018-2021)

​​ABBS has given platform to many different students across the globe, where I could experience different cultures, languages and lifestyle. The best experience I have is the annual fest. The annual fest created so much excitement and happiness among us. The faculties are supportive and interactive at classes and they made us understand the subjects with effective examples. The industrial visits are the most memorable one. We visited many industries where we were told about the real experience and process carried out in the particular industries. We have a lot of extra curriculum activities and we also had international level conference which helped to enhance our knowledge. Overall, we have a best campus with motivating people around us.


  • What Bcom specializations can I pursue?

    The Bcom specialization courses offered at the best b com colleges in Bangalore come with different fee structures and different career opportunities. There are a plethora of options available in Bcom Specialization which leads students to get confused about what to choose. Before a student picks one specialization course it is important to seek professional guidance and knowledge regarding the same. 

    To give you a wider understanding below is the list of top 5 specializations offered at B com College in Bangalore which will help you to build a better career. 

    • B. Com in Economics 
    • B.Com in Law 
    • B.Com in Accounts and Finance 
    • B.Com in Marketing 
    • B.Com in Tourism and Travel Management 

    The above-mentioned specializations are only a few specializations, other than that there are ‘n’ numbers of BCom specializations offered at top b com college in Bangalore. The different colleges offer different specializations and students can choose a specialization course as per their area of interest. Following is the list of BCom specialization courses other than the above-mentioned courses: 

    • BCom Investment Management 
    • BCom Banking and Insurance 
    • BCom Financial Market 
    • BCom Computer Applications 
    • BCom statistics 
    • BCom International Business 
    • BCom Information Technology 
    • BCom Foreign Trade Management 
    • BCom ECommerce
  • What are the future prospects of Bcom in terms of higher education?

    Pursuing the BCom course from the best b com colleges in Bangalore is the most common course taken by students after completing their schooling in India. Every next 12th pass-out chooses to pursue the BCom program which makes it hard to build a bright future just with 

    this degree in hand until and unless you are extraordinarily smart. Even if you get a job after this degree the salary may not be higher unless higher education is completed. That’s why most BCom graduates opt for further education with expertise in a particular field after completing this course. Also after studying at B com College in Bangalore some candidates obtain a few years of experience and then get enrolled in higher education. 

    BCom graduates can opt for PG programs such as MBA and MCom. MBA would help to build a career in the management sector with a higher salary and an MCom would help candidates to pursue their careers in teaching sectors. 

    Other than PG courses candidates after studying at a top b com college in Bangalore can also go for further professional courses or prepare for competitive exams such as: 

    • Becoming a Chartered Accountant after clearing CA exams. 
    • Becoming Company Secretary is a professional career option in the field of commerce and management. 
    • Becoming Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) 
    • Choosing Business Accounting and Taxation 
    • Becoming Certified Management Accountant
  • What does B.Com mostly cover?

    BCom program covers a few elements of Accounting, Business, Management, Finance, and Banking domains, which makes students well-equipped with managerial skills, and opens up career opportunities for them. When it comes to the B Com subjects and syllabus taught at B 

    com College in Bangalore, candidates have the opportunity to choose among various combinations of courses offered. 

    Following are the main subjects that are covered in the BCom course and BCom Hons. 

    BCom Semester I Syllabus 

    • Financial Accounting Business Computing 
    • Business Organisation and Management 

    Elective Courses: 

    • Principles of Micro Economics, New Venture Planning 
    • Quantitative Methods Communication In English

    BCom Semester II Syllabus

    • Business Laws
    • Environmental Studies
    • Corporate Communication
    • Financial Systems
    • Business Mathematics and Statistics

    Elective Courses: 

    • Principles of Macro Economics 
    • Foreign Exchange Markets, etc. 

    BCom Semester III Syllabus 

    • Company Law
    • Advanced Economics 
    • Income Tax Laws

    Elective Courses:

    • Financial Markets, Indian Economy, etc. 
    • Elements of Cost Accounting Entrepreneurship 

    BCom Semester IV Syllabus 

    • Competition and Consumer Laws Indirect Tax Laws 
    • Stock and Commodity Market  
    • Corporate Accounting (Advanced)
    • Operations Research

    Elective Courses:

    • Human Resource Management, Investing in Stock Markets,
    • ECommerce 

    BCom Semester V Syllabus

    • International Business Cost Accounting 
    • Strategic Management

    Elective Courses:

    • Principles of Marketing
    • Computer Applications in Business or Advertising 

    BCom Semester VI Syllabus 

    • Business Communication
    • Management and Information Systems
    • Principles of Auditing
    • Fundamentals of Financial Management 
    • International Business,
    • Management Accounting,
    • Corporate Tax Planning, etc. 
    • Business Culture
    • EBusiness Culturelective
  • What are the benefits of taking a Bcom course?

    Completing this course from the top b com college in Bangalore comes up with the following benefits to the students: 

    1. Vast Career Options : After completing the course from the best b com colleges in Bangalore candidates have the option to go for higher education as per their area of interest. There are many courses. The two most sought-after programs after BCom are MBA and MCom which open up great career opportunities for students. 

    2. Greater career improvement : Holding a BCom graduate degree means that a student is filled with persistence, determination, intellectual prowess, and the proficiency to handle challenging situations of any type. These qualities are the most desirable qualities looked at in individuals who want to work as a manager of big firms and directorial positions. 

    3. Plethora of Job Areas : After studying at B com College in Bangalore the candidates are eligible to explore different job areas and know which area is most suitable for them. For BCom graduates, job areas are not limited. Areas, where candidates can try their luck are, are Business Consultancies, Educational Institutes, Industrial Houses, Public Accounting Firms, Policy Planning, Foreign Trade, Banks, Budget Planning, Inventory Control, Merchant Banking, Marketing, Working Capital Management, Treasury and Forex Department, Investment Banking and many more. 

    **4. Good Salary Package :**No doubt that BCom graduates get the option to try their luck in various fields and positions. Because of the experience in different sectors, BCom graduates can also earn a good salary.

Program details

Next Intake: June 2024

Duration: 3 to 4 Years (6 to 8 semesters)

Credentials: Bachelor of Commerce

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