Executive Programmes

ABBS’s department of “executive education” has developed a separate vision and mission statement within overall strategic objective of ABBS group to drive excellence and achieve distinguished position in executive education.
Vision: To be one of the select institutions in Bangalore for executive education.
Mission: To equip executives with business tools and develop them to have futuristic perspective to drive business excellence.


Why Executive PGDM?

It is one of the most sought after professional courses. It has always been the top choice to gain success and career growth in administrative positions in organizations.

What is it?

EMBA/ PGDM is a post graduate level business diploma/degree course similar to regular MBA course program, but mainly designed for working professional, executives, managers, business owners and budding entrepreneurs who are looking to upgrade their knowledge and skill sets in business management.

For whom

It is a part-time course that is specifically crafted to meet the requirement of professionals who are looking to pursue management course while working and maintaining their career path.

Course structure

ABBS with inputs from various stake holders, the best practices in the industry and after detailed analysis have decided to keep the structure largely away from any functional specialization emphasizing the need to provide students with multiple perspectives. In current competitive economic environment, companies need aspiring professionals who would be working in organizations that are interdisciplinary, cross functional and project-based structures. Such organizations require broad based knowledge and skills sets where executives need to specialist and generalists. This program provides students with the same solid foundation in key management concepts and disciplines as any two-year full time MBA would, with similar rigor, range of capstone courses, and grading criteria. It is aimed at developing executives who can create value for their organizations in particular and for society in general while meeting their own aspirational goals.


This program is mainly for working professionals or entrepreneurs. It provides the students with the flexibility with regard to attending classes. Most classes are conducted on weekends to facilitate attendance without affecting their work. On some occasions, it will make use of Friday evenings or holidays to fast track the course or to facilitate effective use of saved weekends for personal or organizational purpose. This will ensure work-learning-life balance.

Core and Augmented benefits

  • The program is not just modeled after the best in executive education but is futuristic.
  • For professionals with work experience in a wide range of industries, who can complete course program in the midst of their successful career.
  • Flexible; you continue working while attending the classes on Saturday and half day on Sunday.
  • Innovative & Intensive content and taught by top faculty & Industry professionals who would build course work on the diverse and extensive work experience of the participants.
  • Blended learning: Application based, able to enhance knowledge and understanding about technology usage, critical thinking, personal effectiveness, gaining an insight about global business environment, master strategy and excellence in business operations, and also lead teams and organizations as a whole.
  • Involves immersive Seminar Series, Workshops, Simulation games, Case studies, Mentoring/ Coaching sessions and a Capstone project.
  • The course can be completed within 18 months, making it perfect for working professionals.
  • Great for networking and learning from high-achieving, collaborative cohorts.
  • Professional guest speakers who provide business testimonials.
  • Possibility of Joint degree with a foreign partner and international perspective.
  • Attractive Fee structure.
  • Output- a confident executive who can make a difference.