Liberal Arts

BA Psychology

The BA Sociology, Psychology & Political sciences is a new 3 year undergraduate program, 4-years for BA honors under Bangalore University. The B.A Political Science Course is a Credit Based Semester Scheme, spread over six semesters for BA. The syllabus has been updated. Many new and innovative papers are being offered in keeping with the changing times and circumstances, as well as the larger societal needs.

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BA Journalism

Bachelor in Arts with a specialization in Journalism is a 3-year undergraduate course, 4-years for BA honors under the Bangalore University Curriculum. Acharya Bangalore B-School’s BA program provides a jumpstart for aspirants who are heading towards a smart career in the Journalism and Tourism field. BA course is a full-time course that enables you to explore the opportunities in the news and media industry.

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BA Economics

BA Economics, Statistics and Marketing is one of the most sought after BA programs. It opens up to the world of data analysis, probability, statistical inference, sampling theory, time series analysis, and operations research. Depending on the job role, a student can earn anywhere between 3 to 7 LPA after completion of BA Economics.

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