Times of ABBS is an initiative taken by Acharya Bangalore B School to provide student community a platform for presenting their ideas, thoughts and researches which gives a clear picture of what is happening in the present market scenarios.

The magazine includes various articles written by students with respect to industry happenings which includes analysis with respect to human resources, finance, and marketing. It also includes details on various ongoing and past activities performed in the campus.

It is not only limited to the students but also allows the faculty to put forth their ideology to provide guidance to everyone. In addition, the alumni are active in contributing for the magazine to update the student community with recent advancements in industry.

The reach of Times of ABBS is not limited to campus borders as it caters to the alumni and the entire recruitment base of Acharya Bangalore B School.


Vol-01 Issue-01
September 2010

Vol-02 Issue-01
March 2011

Vol-03 Issue-01
November 2012

Vol-04 Issue-01
March 2013

Vol-04 Issue-01
September 2013

Vol-02 Issue-02
September 2011

Vol-01 Issue-07
Mar 2016

Vol-07 Issue-02
March 2017

Vol-09 Issue-01
September 2018